Neck Detail

(Underlined items are links to more information.)

Scale Length:_____13-7/8 inches

Peghead Shape:___F-Style

_________________Modified on F (take off $50)

_________________Snake head

_________________Modified on A (add $50)

_________________Traditional A Style

Inlay Design:______Vine (F-Style only)

_________________Fern (F-Style only)

_________________Fern pot


_________________Irish Knot

_________________Flower (standard on A model)

Inlay Material:____"Mother of Pearl" (Agoya)

_________________Abalone (add $30)

_________________Maple Burl (take off $25)


Peghead Veneer:___Front - Ebony

_________________Back - Maple Burl

_________________Others are available

Fingerboard:______Ebony (Others are available)

_________________Position Marker "Dots" match inlay material

_________________Surface - compound radius fingerboard

_________________Neck width, depth (thickness),

_________________and profile can be custom

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